Molly grew up amidst fields of corn and beans in a tiny town in Illinois where she enjoyed riding her bike until dusk, searching for the deepest darkest places in all the town, and winning epic water-balloon battles. She has always loved to create things, from paper-crafts and drawings to huge holes in the ground. She took her first clay class in 2004, and continued to work with clay throughout college. 

After earning a BA in Anthropology, she found herself in North Carolina as a counselor at Camp Celo. During two summers of backpacking, she became thoroughly enamored with the mountains and went on to work as a teacher/houseparent at Arthur Morgan School. She found western North Carolina and Haywood Community College to be the perfect place to develop her skills and a future in craft.  

Molly is currently located in Weaverville, NC, where she has built a shared studio. She continues to explore in the studio, experimenting with new techniques and enjoying the instant responsiveness of her material of choice. Molly creates sculptural and functional works in stoneware.

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